Just Start! ... a guide to first time guest.

a. Add to Cart. Click Quick Shop to add single, value bundle and/ or carton items. You will get 10% off your 1st order and free delivery for orders above $60.

Remember to check our promo section at homepage first for weekly offers and featured brands that add value for money offers & promotion. See Advertisement & Promotion for details. 

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b. View Cart. See top right for a quick progress summary of your cart anytime. Click 'View Cart' for more details on items inside the cart and total savings when needed.  




c. Check Out.  All items added and ready? Simply click 'check out' and follow the simple, guided steps to add delivery instruction, make payment & complete the order. 

Note: A 3% off COO lifelong member benefit is available when you decide to sign up and subscribe to our newsletter/ mailing list. A minimum purchase of $30 applies for home & office delivery as a guest or member at all times.  


Payment Method

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What to Expect 

Value for Money. All items are available at same retail selling price of all major supermarkets. Guaranteed. 

Offers & Promotion. Weekly Offers (top of home page) & Featured Brands (bottom of homepage) most popular sections of our site. They offer unbeatable prices for selected items time to time.

Delivery Service. Expect on time delivery (morning, afternoon or evening) by our friendly staff (or 3PL). We will take every effort to deliver on time, for every order from all customers as per the instructions on the confirmed order form and other means of timely communication with our customer care team. However, the company or our third party delivery service providers shall not be liable for any delays in its delivery services, if the delay has been due to causes beyond the control of the Company.

Missed delivery. If there is no one to receive the delivery at the shipping address, we hope to leave them at the designated location with your immediate approval or arrange for a second re-delivery at a later agreed date & time (additional charge of $7.50 will apply).