How it Works 

a. * Value Bundle (2-3% off) & Carton (5% off).  It's available daily, 365 days.

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b. Single items. It’s available at same retail selling price of all major supermarkets. Guaranteed.

Periodically, this items are on SALE and advertised for a limited time period. 


* Selection Options:

Discount for an item on SALE will reflect in Single only. You may select the desired quantity here to avail the offer price. Discount for  'Value Bundle' & Carton will remain unchanged. 

i. SALE. A sale item is normally classified as 1 Day, 3 Days, Weekly & Monthly Offers. Discount are typically between 10% to 50%. It will increase total savings.

ii. CLEARANCE. A clearance item is tagged as Save Me!. Discount ranges from 30% to 90%, depending on level of damage (low, medium & high).  

Please buy them to reduce wastage and save more.