Hey everyone! 


As you may know, it has been 6 months since I started working here in Singapore. I have spent my free time sightseeing and trying the different flavors and delicacies offered here. I have found my favorites and my not-so favorites. All of these new places and delicacies were so fun and exciting to try and experience. You guys loved all my posts and updates about this new adventure. I loved every moment of this new adventure and sharing it all with you.


However, these past few days have been filled with extreme homesickness. I miss Filipino food and flavors. Since I am still navigating my lifestyle and the community, I wasn’t able to find any Asian mart or anything similar. Then I realized that I received a care package from my family several weeks ago. It was hidden under the heap of boxes and clutter from moving in. I wasn’t able to open it because, at the time, a lot was going on regarding my move.


As soon as I remembered this, I quickly found the care package and dusted it off. Opening the package, I found staple Filipino seasonings, photos and letters from my parents, a drawing from my sibling, some Filipino canned/packed goods, and a lot of chips! Among the many chips were the Oh So Healthy Fruit and Veggie Chips. I first had these when I found it in Fairprice, Giant and even 7-Eleven, my sister also won a pack from her school’s battle of the bands event and I also. I quickly opened the Guava pack and ate a chip, the guava flavor immediately hitting my taste buds. It brings me back to when my mom would make us Sinigang na bayabas (Tamarind soup with guava) whenever it was raining or if we were feeling down. I sealed the bag before I ended up finishing all the Guava chips. I spotted the Choco Mango Crisps and took a bite of one. Dried chocolate mango is truly a Filipino delicacy and one of my favorite snacks! The sweet chocolate and sour mango create a symphony of harmonies in my mouth! I started packing the things away but the Kimchi Chips caught my eye so I opened a pack and plopped on my couch to watch some television. The Kimchi Chips had just the right amount of spiciness and really tasted like Kimchi!


The best thing about Oh So Healthy Fruit and Veggie Crisps is that it is healthy chips! They don’t have preservatives and non-GMO’s. It is gluten-free, cholesterol-free, and low-calorie which is perfect because my days have been filled with rather unhealthy snacks and meals. I have been saving my earnings because I want to renovate my apartment soon


In the meantime, I will be Oh So Happily enjoying my Oh So Healthy snacks!


Mary Anne